Visitors from down under

It’s funny how old/new faces can turn around your life and get a different perspective, During my year abroad I met several people, from several countries and the relationships just flowed, it wasn’t forced it just was. It’s funny because you live with all this people for 6 months and hang out with them, have dinner, breakfast, lunch, karaoke nights and then we just simply are not able to hang out, mostly because we are on the other side of the world from each other. Facebook will be the most we get to kind of hang out.

It’s been 5 years and this year was a good one for meet and greets, in may I met Dan at New York, we spent the day together we chatted, ate and it was pretty good, I have to admit I was afraid it would not flow after 5 years, but it turns out that was not a problem at all. It was funny because we only hung out in Leeds and this was a completely different enviroment, so it was familiar but it was also not it was good.

This time around on Sunday Melinda and Pep from Australia made their way to here, the place I call home, It’s just so great to see them, to chat, to have tea, just like the old times, it’s great how this little visit, even when I can’t spend as much time as I’d like with them, came to refresh the air to my life, change my routine a little, it’s interesing exciting and makes me feel at peace. I do believe there is a reason why they came this year and now, life took some things away from me, but It also gave me gifts…

I feel lucky, because I was able to live all that, and I am able to live all this experiences that make you feel at home, after all they were my home away from home, and it’s just amazing how people who might have a completely different background can be so alike, so familiar, so like family…

I can’t wait to meet the next Luptoner the Universe will put in my way again.

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