Travelling alone

A lot of people actually prefer just to travel with someone, I guess it’s natural and it makes you feel “safer” in a way, however I am sure to say, there is nothing like travelling alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people, and I like travelling with people, however I am happier when I travel alone, not because there is some big issues, it’s more about the little things…

I usually never get mad when I am travelling alone, I mean I usually go with the flow, I once was stuck in Paris not knowing if I was going to make it to London to my Show and I wasn’t mad, I was worried that’s for sure, but I went with the flow, I let it be and I am happy to report everything turned out great! I even had salmon for Breakfast (which I love, that’s why it’s a good thing) 🙂

I guess I developed that non-fussy trait that when I am with other people it activates, because if everyone is complaining it makes me notice and it makes me want to complain too, silly I know, but it’s true attitude is contagious people!

Let me break it down for you, when you travel alone you get to:

1. Do whatever you want, you don’t feel like staying in the museum anymore? you are hungry? you want to change the plan? it’s all good, whatever makes you happy 🙂

2. Eat whatever you want, and eat whenever you want, you feel hungry in the middle of the park and feel like paying for that overpriced hotdog and skip snacks? you feel like eating in a fancy restaurant? you are running low in cash and want to eat cheap fast food? go for it! nobody cares! in a good way, because you get to do whatever.

3. Observe, it might sound silly but people get in the way of just seeing sometimes, the feeling of getting on top of the eiffel tower and just fill yourself with the sights, or walk besides the Thames and just see, enjoy the sight.

I guess those kind of make me look like I hate people, I don’t I do agree travelling with someone makes many things more convenient, at the end of the day two minds are better than one when you are trying to understand something.

I love travelling with people, I just recently made a trip with not only friends but people I barely new and even though it was interesting and a learning experience, it made me cherish all my traveling alone, it made me feel like I wasn’t missing out like many say, because for me it’s ok to be alone, I enjoy being alone out of my element, it also makes me grow and to be honest it makes me so very happy.

If you are afraid of travelling alone, don’t be, try it at least once in your life, you will absolutely love it! Just go with the flow and enjoy!


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