Get involved

I recently realized that is what I need, however I also realize right now is not something I can do at the fullest.

I’ve always been involved, my poor Mother had to deal with a girl who would volunteer for everything, making a cake, be at the play, bring this, bring that, I was the girl who always raised the hand. therefore I tried everything when I was young, played basketball, football (or soccer if you are in the US), First Aids, Theatre, Chorus,  Guitar, Painting you name it…

Even when I went for my exchange program I joined the Mexican committee, I guess I like to fit in, or keep myself busy. When I joined the company I did not have time to get involved, we had rivers of work, but as soon as things got calm, I got opportunities, I joined the open house committee, soon I was requested to help with the Christmas party, I was able to volunteer in some other areas.

But now that I moved to a new possition and there are opportunities to get involved I can’t actually do so because I am still learning, I can’t just join a team and ask for free time to get involved right away I need to wait learn and then start being the volunteer girl that I am, I need to be patient and live through my friends who actually can.

Wish me luck  and if you can, try it, get involved.

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