Friends and impossible relationships

So I noticed something recently, all or most of my friends are pulled into relationships with no future. and I don’t mean personality wise or compatibility but a big fat reason I will not share here just in case.

I wonder why, because it seems I live mortified for them, mostly because I care, I probably shouldn’t care very much or worry this much, but for some reason I do, and I wonder if it’s because I need to learn something from this, or because I have no life (which is probably a more accurate response)

Why do girls get themselves in a situation they hate, but yet cannot get out of the vicious circle? why they want to be hurt or be hurting for longer? Don’t they realize they have so freaking much to give? I honestly can say I have the group of girl friends more interesting I know, they are all smart and pretty (I swear they are not love eyes, I do think they are pretty), they all have different but killer personalities and could get any good guy they want, but they choose the one already confirmed is not for the long run…

This guys are vicious and selfish and only want what’s best for them, I honestly don’t think they are bad people, they just are not willing to be in a relationship with them, they rather keep it easy on them, because they have nothing to lose.

It’s sad, but very true, and sometimes I wish I could not care to see them going to the same guys, because I hate seeing them sad when they could be the happiest.

I guess I’ll have to deal, there is not much more I can do, but being here for them, and I always will, even when when my heart breaks every time they cry for them…

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