Dear Boy in Second Date

So I went on a date this past Friday, second date, the first was before Christmas, why I agreed? I’m not quite sure, I guess I was hoping it would be a good one, and It wasn’t bad but it was not the best, the following would be the list of comments I guess I should discuss before going into a third date

Dear Guy,

I highly appreciate punctuality not only I appreciate it but I actually like to be on time, everywhere, I might be crazy for that but I believe we shouldn’t make anyone wait, it’s time wasted.
Yes I do mind if you want to smoke before the show when the time of the show is actually now, I do not like smoking anyway, terrible habit I’ve been dealing with it all my life and anyway it has never stopped me for getting places or doing stuff.
I get you are comfortable and you don’t want to change how your life is right now, and I honestly want to say to you it is ok, however you are not ready for a girlfriend.
If you never have time to send messages or to spend time with someone, you don’t want to be with that person hard enough and honestly  I don’t mind.

And believe me it’s flattering that you think I’m pretty and you enjoy mi company but your excuses of why you will not text or call often are not good enough for me, not good reasons.

My life does not get ruled by a game or an event, I will never just stay in because of the game. And I constantly ask questions, because that’s who I am, I am a curious being, If I ask is because I care and I don’t want to feel limited on what can I ask or not.

I appreciated the play and the time, but it wasn’t the time of my life, It didn’t leave me hooked or wanting more, I think is great how many things we have in common but let’s be honest, you don’t want to date me, I’m hard, difficult and I will not make it easier for you, I’ve already had that experience and it’s nothing I want to recreate any time soon. I will not make it easier on you to make it harder for me, you want easy, you do not want me.

I don’t want easy, I want good, and if that is hard, so be it!

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