Recent happenings

I have a partner now it seems a little weird to even say after so many years single, but it’s nice it’s comfortable and since it’s long distance we travel back and forth every month.

In between that, I’m juggling my job, my mini business and my regular travel!

this year it’s been absolutely crazy, but I’m embracing it, hoping for the best.



Japan is awesome

So I managed to go to Japan with a brief trip to Korea and back alive!

I absolutely loved Japan! I bought tons of stationery, tons of food, did my fair share of walking, those 3 weeks were some of the best.

I might post some of my musings here just for the laughs and I plan on making a travel journal so I might post my process here 🙂


I’m so happy and my heart is full of love and sakura <3

When a week in paradise is not nearly enough

Last week I took a week vacation to visit one of my best friends and celebrate another one of my best friend’s birthday, who 3 years ago moved to no other place but Paradise aka Cancun, and I for one could have stayed longer! the weather was amazing, so was the company.

We visited Bacalar the lagoon of 7 colours, my  friend and I pretended to be wives to earn a free tour, we visited beaches, we went to Xcaret, we were tourist in ChichĂ©n ItzĂĄ, we laughed, we swam, we ate and we had a good old time and now I’m left with yearning and a need to go back and work on my tan so my legs stop looking white.

I’ll be back I know, I’m sure of that and I have Japan to look forward next year! but I miss my friend and I miss the beach and I wish I could be paid for being a tourist all year round.

365 Project

Thinking of maybe doing this, taking a picture every day (or try) and share my experiences and finds here once a week, I won’t start today, but plan to start at the beginning of February or March once I have more grasp on what I’m doing, I need to sort everything out, my head has been swirling with millions of ideas and projects and for once I want to actually do and not stop on the plan.

For one be more consistent on this blog is one of my always waiting projects.

I want to kickstart my own business
Read More
Plan my trip to Japan Next year.
Practice Hand Lettering
Practice Painting/Sketching
Start filming and posting videos
Try to play the Ukulele

kind of a Long list, but I’m taking actions to make this happen!

2017 here we go!


The New Drawblindfaith


After a tough year! I will be back this January 2016 with more posts, more pictures and more projects.

Please join me while I travel (3 big trips this 2016) while I try to discover my craft and on personal projects that make me truly happy. I will also post recipes and lots more 😀


See you soon!


HAPPY 2016

Travelling alone

A lot of people actually prefer just to travel with someone, I guess it’s natural and it makes you feel “safer” in a way, however I am sure to say, there is nothing like travelling alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people, and I like travelling with people, however I am happier when I travel alone, not because there is some big issues, it’s more about the little things…

I usually never get mad when I am travelling alone, I mean I usually go with the flow, I once was stuck in Paris not knowing if I was going to make it to London to my Show and I wasn’t mad, I was worried that’s for sure, but I went with the flow, I let it be and I am happy to report everything turned out great! I even had salmon for Breakfast (which I love, that’s why it’s a good thing) 🙂

I guess I developed that non-fussy trait that when I am with other people it activates, because if everyone is complaining it makes me notice and it makes me want to complain too, silly I know, but it’s true attitude is contagious people!

Let me break it down for you, when you travel alone you get to:

1. Do whatever you want, you don’t feel like staying in the museum anymore? you are hungry? you want to change the plan? it’s all good, whatever makes you happy 🙂

2. Eat whatever you want, and eat whenever you want, you feel hungry in the middle of the park and feel like paying for that overpriced hotdog and skip snacks? you feel like eating in a fancy restaurant? you are running low in cash and want to eat cheap fast food? go for it! nobody cares! in a good way, because you get to do whatever.

3. Observe, it might sound silly but people get in the way of just seeing sometimes, the feeling of getting on top of the eiffel tower and just fill yourself with the sights, or walk besides the Thames and just see, enjoy the sight.

I guess those kind of make me look like I hate people, I don’t I do agree travelling with someone makes many things more convenient, at the end of the day two minds are better than one when you are trying to understand something.

I love travelling with people, I just recently made a trip with not only friends but people I barely new and even though it was interesting and a learning experience, it made me cherish all my traveling alone, it made me feel like I wasn’t missing out like many say, because for me it’s ok to be alone, I enjoy being alone out of my element, it also makes me grow and to be honest it makes me so very happy.

If you are afraid of travelling alone, don’t be, try it at least once in your life, you will absolutely love it! Just go with the flow and enjoy!


It’s almost 2015

It is almost 2015 and I’ve been ready for this year to end since May.

Funny how everytime I feel sad or vulnerable I come and write here, I guess this way I feel like I have somewhere to just complain or be sad.

I have to agree 2014 has not been all bad, however the bad definitely outweighs the good, which is sad, but a new job and better pay will never replace my Best Friend, I guess that is why I am feeling nostalgic lately.

I visited my Best Team’s parents this weekend and while it was amazing to see them and it was nice to talk to them and all the family (I was lucky and got to see all her siblings too) It is still heartbreaking, her dad still sees me and brusts into tears and I really can’t blame him, when he saw me on the past it was because she was there with me and  needless to say this time she wasn’t.

Also I’ve been missing spending time with her, this season we saw eachother a lot, maybe because we were just in a good mood or maybe the Christmas spirit, last year we did a shopping spree, had dinner, had a bunch of teas, I saw her before Christmas on the 23rd and then right back when she got home from Tepic. And I miss talking with her, I was just yesterday at Forever 21 trying to find some tights to wear on the Christmas party at the office and I got a flashback of us shopping last year chasing a particular girl for the purse she wanted, and it made me happy to have those fun memories, but later on it made me sad, because I was alone…

This year no-one will be missing the Christmas dinner no-one has asked yet, she ALWAYS asked, got things going, but this year Thanksgiving was for all more of a commitment than my friends wanting to be there, and it’s sad because I kind of feel that was the last one, the last thanksgiving I will be celebrating, mostly because no-one cares, and she did, we went through our next year goals together and well that is not happening again, I guess 2015 will be about the new traditions, but I will sure miss the old,

Good things happened, don’t get me wrong but 70% of this year it’s been sad and I’ve spent crying…

So yes I am crying and I am sad, but I am also happy this year will be ending soon, I can’t wait to start fresh, get a car, go travelling with my mom, do personal projects and focus on me, this next year I will try to give me happiness, because that is how it should be it’s clear not just today but in general my happiness it’s in my hands and I can’t be placing something so important in the hands of others…

Visitors from down under

It’s funny how old/new faces can turn around your life and get a different perspective, During my year abroad I met several people, from several countries and the relationships just flowed, it wasn’t forced it just was. It’s funny because you live with all this people for 6 months and hang out with them, have dinner, breakfast, lunch, karaoke nights and then we just simply are not able to hang out, mostly because we are on the other side of the world from each other. Facebook will be the most we get to kind of hang out.

It’s been 5 years and this year was a good one for meet and greets, in may I met Dan at New York, we spent the day together we chatted, ate and it was pretty good, I have to admit I was afraid it would not flow after 5 years, but it turns out that was not a problem at all. It was funny because we only hung out in Leeds and this was a completely different enviroment, so it was familiar but it was also not it was good.

This time around on Sunday Melinda and Pep from Australia made their way to here, the place I call home, It’s just so great to see them, to chat, to have tea, just like the old times, it’s great how this little visit, even when I can’t spend as much time as I’d like with them, came to refresh the air to my life, change my routine a little, it’s interesing exciting and makes me feel at peace. I do believe there is a reason why they came this year and now, life took some things away from me, but It also gave me gifts…

I feel lucky, because I was able to live all that, and I am able to live all this experiences that make you feel at home, after all they were my home away from home, and it’s just amazing how people who might have a completely different background can be so alike, so familiar, so like family…

I can’t wait to meet the next Luptoner the Universe will put in my way again.

The One where I actually write

Maybe I should actually set up a date and time to write? I do some writing on a notebook sometimes, I guess you could call that my Journal, however I’m always thinking on writing here but somehow I get caught up on some other things.

I’ll be leaving for New York in exactly 18 days! 😼 I can’t believe there’s only 18 days separating me and my trip, last year it seemed so far away and now is just a couple of weeks away. I have everything set except for the itinerary, I’ve been doing research and stuff and I have my pass, however I still need to figure out how to make the most of it!

So that’s pretty much all I’ve been talking/thinking about.

I shall be back sooner than you think dear internet 🙂


Change of Plans

You know that feeling of having everything planned and figured out and then having everything changed? well I am feeling that right now, somehow a bit dizzy…

I have this big trip planned since last year with a friend, everything is booked, mostly however due to work schedule she will not be able to go with me, I completely understand, is not her fault, lots of changes came her way this year too. But can’t help but feel sad and disappointed.

I’m not afraid of travelling alone, I’ve done it a LOT, I went to London, Paris and different parts within England, and I am absolutely fine with it, I quite enjoy it, however I had all this time this planned out for two, getting back to just me while it’s ok and will not stop me it’s not exactly what I planned.

I’ll be fine, I just need to have a change of mind and set up everything for me to enjoy, my trip is 2 months away!!!

Scary stuff,  however I will survive!