Not sure how to move on

Sometimes I seriously think about my friends, I mean I love them, probably way too much, the thing is while usually make some people my priority they do not always make me theirs, I don’t even ask to be a top priority, but you know maybe once in a while, I don’t blame them and it is their right, but still kind of hurts, after all I am only human.

I would pretty much like to start over somewhere new, new people, new air, maybe someday I will, maybe I should consider who really is my friend and just let go of the rest, maybe I should start focusing on my happiness instead of others.

The hard thing about people, is that is hard to move on, you get used to them, you depend of them and you care, I don’t want my happiness to depend on them, is not fair, maybe little by little I will go away, I will slowly disappear and they won’ even know I was there…

This is how I am starting my blog again, some little sad thoughts, I guess this is why I’ve been wanting to keep a blog for the longest, it feels good to let it out! both the happy and the sad!

Hello September! 🙂