A little company needed

I need to find myself company, I recently moved to a new position within my company and yes, the pay is better, the job is better however I am in a completely different building and the company is not so much, I was used to have ALWAYS someone to talk to…mainly because I am a chatter box and most of my co-workers got along with my perfectly and we were able to chat away about random things, they liked the real me, the annoying, moody, happy me, all my versions, I never experienced that much acceptance in a workplace, I guess you don’t get that very often.

I think this is one of the reasons I am feeling so alone, I always had someone join me for tea (since I don’t drink coffee) or someone would be available to join me to the cafeteria and don’t get me wrong I’m not THAT needy that does not mean I didn’t do it alone sometimes, I did it tons of times alone, but I guess is not about having the company 24/7 but is knowing company can be available if needed not all the time, but most of the times, and here I don’t have that, everything must be done alone, like it or not.

Right now, at this point of my life, I don’t like not having the comfort of company, I’ve always been an independent person, I’ve honestly done so much on my own, so many things people say they would never do alone. But right now it’s hard…

I don’t like crying every day or feeling like nobody cares, I just want someone to tell me “hey join me for water?”

Whinny seems to be my middle name lately and I hate it, I’d much rather be “fearless” that was much more appealing

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