Thanksgiving and why I celebrate it

I live in México, here we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we know about the holiday however we do not celebrate it, except probably ex-pats and me, I am probably the only one who conducts said celebration with no United States person within the group.

It all started a few years ago, I worked at a call center which gave outsourcing to several companies, usually they do not give holidays, however there was this new company and I happened to be moved there where they said they would only give Thanksgiving.

I was very excited and decided that to celebate I would make dinner to my friends and we would have our own Thanksgiving. My Best Team worked on an other company that actually gave her Thanksgiving as well (US Based companies usually do that) so it was an all round celebration.

Many people made fun of me here, because it is not a Mexican tradition and all, but honestly the dinner was amazing, we would wear something nice, I would cook, and we would drink wine and say all around what we were thankful for. There was also pumpking pie (thank yoy Cotsco)

This became a tradition, because the year after we found ourselves doing it, and the year after and so on, last year though I was not sure I wanted to do anything, it wasn’t the best of years and I was not feeling like it, so I didn’t say anything or organized anything, however my Best Team asked a few weeks before, I have to admit I had a soft spot for her, and I saw how much she wanted it, she said she looked forward to that dinner all year but left it up to me to decide.

Of course I did made the dinner, she then told me, regardless how bad or good our year was it was important to be thankful, and she was right, we had dinner, incorporated a new member to the group and we had our thanksgiving dinner.  I am happy I did it, it was our last Thanksgiving together, her last Thanksgiving.

And this year, she is not here and it’s been a crap year, and thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I am getting nostalgic, however I decided there should be Thanksgiving this year and I am thankful, for her for the time she spent with me and all the love she gave me and I know she would never forgive me if there was no dinner, she will be there with us, she was my constant not only on that dinner, but overall…

Get involved

I recently realized that is what I need, however I also realize right now is not something I can do at the fullest.

I’ve always been involved, my poor Mother had to deal with a girl who would volunteer for everything, making a cake, be at the play, bring this, bring that, I was the girl who always raised the hand. therefore I tried everything when I was young, played basketball, football (or soccer if you are in the US), First Aids, Theatre, Chorus,  Guitar, Painting you name it…

Even when I went for my exchange program I joined the Mexican committee, I guess I like to fit in, or keep myself busy. When I joined the company I did not have time to get involved, we had rivers of work, but as soon as things got calm, I got opportunities, I joined the open house committee, soon I was requested to help with the Christmas party, I was able to volunteer in some other areas.

But now that I moved to a new possition and there are opportunities to get involved I can’t actually do so because I am still learning, I can’t just join a team and ask for free time to get involved right away I need to wait learn and then start being the volunteer girl that I am, I need to be patient and live through my friends who actually can.

Wish me luck  and if you can, try it, get involved.