She is really gone

One of my Bestest Deaest friends was on an accident last Friday night/Saturday Morning and sadly she passed away.

I honestly am in pain, I talked about dealing with loss before and then I’m in this position again and I’m not sure what to do she was like one of the people I spoke with 24/7 no joke, we were partners in crime, friends, confidents, we called each other Best Team.

When her sister called me I could not believe it, I was in shock, mostly because I had a lost call from here a minute before the accident, she was going to meet us after this work dinner since we were celebrating one of our friend’s birthday, she called me 1:59 am, I called back several times a minute after and she did not pick up, I honestly figured she just left her phone away like she does often. she didn’t…

the last few days have been some of the worst in my life, she was 25, she was smart, pretty, she was amazing, and I’m not only saying that because she was my friend, I’m saying that because is true.

I’m leaving for New York this week and I honestly do not know what to feel, all my friends say is “Enjoy it, she will be coming with you” and I know she will, it’s just still hard to get used to the idea she is really gone, at least from the physical world, I will not be getting any whatsapp, calls, office communicator messages, anything I will not be seeing her for coffee, lunch or a crazy shopping spree.

I only have good memories from her, and I know she left me with a group of terrific friends, we are helping each other but is not easy, and we know it will not be easy.

I can’t be numb all my life she would want me to go and live life like she always did! doing what she loved!

I love you Best Team I will always love you! and no matter where I go or what I do, you will always be a part of me.