Change of Plans

You know that feeling of having everything planned and figured out and then having everything changed? well I am feeling that right now, somehow a bit dizzy…

I have this big trip planned since last year with a friend, everything is booked, mostly however due to work schedule she will not be able to go with me, I completely understand, is not her fault, lots of changes came her way this year too. But can’t help but feel sad and disappointed.

I’m not afraid of travelling alone, I’ve done it a LOT, I went to London, Paris and different parts within England, and I am absolutely fine with it, I quite enjoy it, however I had all this time this planned out for two, getting back to just me while it’s ok and will not stop me it’s not exactly what I planned.

I’ll be fine, I just need to have a change of mind and set up everything for me to enjoy, my trip is 2 months away!!!

Scary stuff,  however I will survive!